The many uses of retractable banner stands at a trade Show

Trade shows are a good place for business owners and companies to show the latest products that they are offering. Whether it is a specific industry or open to the public using retractable banner stands is the best solution to show products. These trade show displays are not only low in price they are simplest display to carry to any type of show. The benefit of the stands is that they are light in weight, the image is protected when rolled and easy to transport no matter where you are planning to take them. There are so many uses and importance of retractable banner stands at a trade show.

They help the company to get recognition

The many uses of retractable banner stands at a trade Show

The use of retractable banner stands is a great way to stand out and to get recognition. There are various finishes that you can choose. Business owners can select an elaborate design that can be seen from a distance. The stands can be kept on the floor and are tall to be seen from a distance. This gives you a good advantage in the trade show. The stands are wide and tall. This means that anybody can be able to see the banners from a distance. With the right design visitors will want to approach your trade show.

They protect image and message that the company is conveying

Retractable banner stands are the best choice when it comes to show displays in fact they are durable. They are finished with a base that is durable and can be able to withstand wind. It is not easy to knock them down during the show. They are not heavy this makes them easy to carry to any show. The fact that you roll the display when the show is over is an easy solution to protect the message that you are trying to convey. If you work with a good display manufacturer you will be given a carrying case so that you can protect it.

You can choose any message that you want to be printed on the banner stands. Therefore if you want to show new products that the company is providing print all the amazing features. If you are talking about a big sale that your company is promoting the message can be printed out. No matter what you trying to say, you can say it in a way that is going to be seen at the show. With the banner stand the message is going to be preserved every time. No matter what type of trade show or event your business using retractable banner stands is the most effective option when it comes to displaying technologies and it is the simple way to convey message in a way that visitors are going to notice.

Before purchasing banner stands it is vital to consider how and where you are going to use them. There are banners which have been designed to use outside and others are used indoors.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Banner Stands: Which Catches The Eye Better?

What catches your eye when you see a banner in the distance? Is it the orientation of the banner, be it horizontal or vertical? Is it the whipping and folding due to strong winds? These are questions many business owners ask themselves when they want to place banners, advertising their company or product, but most don’t know which option to choose.

Most individuals are accustomed to seeing a horizontal banner or sign, because they have grown up seeing these advertising everything from restaurants to events. It wasn’t until recently, within the last couple of years, that people have begun seeing vertical signs placed along the roads and freeways by companies, attempting to lure customers into their stores.


Vertical banners are still nice to look at, however, when the wind blows, it has a tendency to obstruct the printing on them, because the banners folds into itself, making it difficult for consumers to read what it says. With the horizontal banners, they are secured by rivets on all 4 sides, making the print more legible to read, even when the wind is blowing at high speeds.

Despite the issue with the wind, vertical banners are beginning to be a big hit with a majority of companies, due to the cost. Vertical banners are easy to maneuver, as they can be placed in the ground during working hours, and then removed and placed back inside when the business closes for the day. Convenience has become a way of life during these tough, economic times; with the price of banners, companies are looking for avenues to help cut costs and expenses.

The choice of banner style comes down to an individual’s preference. Do you want your customers to see your advertisement secured to the building? If you don’t mind limited placement or a slightly higher cost for consistency, a horizontal banner is the best choice for your business.

However, if you’re willing to risk wind to save some money, as well as gain more options for maneuvering and placing the sign with ease, a vertical banner is a good option.

When it comes down to it, there is no right or wrong choice regarding banners. What matters are the resources and preferences of the business owner; whichever option best fits their needs is the best choice.

Setting Up Banner Stand Displays At Trade Shows

A few years ago setting up banner stand displays at trade shows used to be a difficult task. Trade show displays were heavy and large. You had to carry multiple pieces to the trade show. Staff members, who were in charge of setting up trade show most of them ignored to represent their company. Today, carrying bulky trade shows is a thing of the past.

Technology has made the process of setting trade shows a simple project that can be finished by staff members within a short time. It is not a must for the exhibitors to sacrifice color for today displays. Most displays today feature graphic mural panels and can be transported easily in a friendly travel case. There is no need of spending a lot of money to transport a heavy case when the banner stand can be transported easily. Technology has made it easy to set up the displays quickly. When setting up a banner stand display at trade show consider the following factors.

Be careful when choosing your graphics


Bold and simple images are some the most effective ways to promote what you are advertising. Graphics which are confusing might look great but they will be distracting and less effective for your trade show. It is good to choose simple images and graphics. Do not use a lot of images because they will look complicated. A single image is going to serve your purpose well.

Create a simple headline to remember

When setting up a banner stand display, it is vital that you select words careful. Aside from that the headline for the trade show display should be short and to the point. If your show display is going to have a compelling headline most visitors decide to take some time and look at your display and learn about the company. The shorter your headline is going to be the larger it is going to appear at the trade show display. Choice of typeface is vital. There are so many typeface that you can choose but the task of selecting one might be a daunting one. It is vital that you select an easy to ready typeface. Next time you are going to be at the trade show look at the displays which have been produced by other companies.

If you are writing a description be careful

It is so tempting to write a description for your display that will explain everything that you want your customer to know concerning your services and products. Most visitors spend time reading about the company. If the headline and graphic is going to attract their attention they will read one sentence or two. Therefore it is prudent that you keep sentences short. Do not use words that are difficult to understand.

If the process of setting up banner stand displays at trade shows becomes a difficult task look for somebody who is experienced enough in this area. Choosing somebody who is experienced enough in this sector will help to make the whole process easy.

Where To Find Retractable Banner Stands Cheap

Using a retractable banner stand is one of the cheapest way and popular way of getting your message across to customers. The benefit of retractable banner stands cheap is that they are affordable, simple to use and eye catching. It does not take a lot of time to assemble the banner and to dismantle it. Retractable banners are also known as roll up banners. They are equipped with recoil mechanism that helps the advertisement to roll back. This helps in protecting the banner from being damaged during transportation. But one question that most people have been asking is where is the best place to find cheap retractable banner stands.

You can find the banner stand online

There are many online stores that sell retractable banner stands. The benefit of buying online is that banner stands are usually affordable, often at wholesale prices. Apart from that you will get the best options of banner stand in various sizes and shapes. There are so many people who think that cheap stands will not fulfill their advertising purpose. This is not true cheap stands will fulfill your purpose as long as your purchase high quality stands. Before purchasing the stands a lot of research needs to be done so that you know what you are purchasing.

Manufacturers sell banner stand at affordable prices


Most manufacturers of retractable banner stands sell them at affordable prices. But before purchasing from any manufacturer you have to ensure that he is trustworthy and selling the best banner stands. Purchase the banner stands from manufacturers who have been in this business for more than two years. Working with such kind of manufacturers you will be sure that you are working with somebody who is reputable. If the manufacturer has a website visit the website and read reviews if there are any. Read both negative and positive reviews it will help to make a good decision.

How to select the right retractable banner stand

When ordering a cheap retractable banner stand one factor that you have to consider is size. There are some banners which are used to make customers to know about your new product there are others which are meant for making people to be aware of the event that is coming. If you have a small venue order a few small ads instead of one. A single banner stand might appear ugly in a small place.

The next factor to keep in mind, when choosing a cheap retractable banner stand is quality of material. Since you might use the ad several times, it is vital that you select a durable material that is easy to store and last for long. The material should be smooth. You also have to take care of your budget. If you are choosing a cheap banner stands make sure that it is within your budget. It is not good to overspend but it is imperative that you choose what is within your budget. Keep this in mind that your banner represents your business therefore make, sure it is going to speak for your products and services.

Sizes And Shapes Of Retractable Banner Stands

Advertising your business is vital. Your business is going to prosper if you will be able to reach more target audience within a short time. This way, advertising becomes a vital factor and getting eye catching solutions in order to attract audience is important. Retractable banner stands are the most popular way of attracting audience to your business. They are also referred as roll up banners. They are the size of a film projector. In the market today, there are different type of sizes and shapes of retractable stands. Choosing the right size and shape of the banner stands depends on what you are promoting and where.

How to choose the right size and shape

Retractable banner stands are costly than standard banners. Prices range from a few dollars but this depends on size and shape. The benefit of retractable banner stands no matter how large or small they are they can be set up within seconds. When the trade show is over you can pack the stand within minutes. The impact caused by retractable banner stands is unbelievable. Average size of the banner is three feet wide and seven feet tall. This therefore means that a retractable banner stand will occupy a third of the space at the trade show viewing place this therefore means visitors are going to see what you are advertising. This is the main reason why at many trade shows there are so many retractable banners on display. When visitors see the banners they will be curious to know what they are about.

What you need to know when choosing a banner stand

The banner should not be large and proportioned well. Images and text which have been printed on must look good according to the shape and size of the banner. It is vital that you communicate the business message in an effective way. There should be no empty spaces or negative comments. Besides shape and size of the banner you also have to consider material the banner has been made from. If you are going to be using the banner for a few hours it is not good to choose an expensive material. But if you are planning to use the banner for a long time in various events it is good that you choose high quality materials.

If you are searching for an outdoor banner stand apart from considering the size and shape you should also ensure that the material is strong enough. The material should be weather resistant. Outdoor banners which are used in open places must be durable. Besides that when it comes to outdoor banners you have to ensure that the colors are bright and attractive. It is good for indoor banners to be designed according to interior design of the local in order to keep sophisticated exposure of what you are advertising. Since outdoors banners are going to be placed outside they should compete with so many things that will attract people to the message. Size of the texts that you print on them should be readable if you are promoting during the night it is prudent to use fluorescents colors.

Are Outdoor Banner Stands Worth The Investment?

There is no doubt at all that publicity is vital for all businesses. If you use the right promotion techniques you will attract attention to your business. An outdoor banner stand is a large banner that is placed on the road side. It can also be hunged on something. Investing in outdoor banner stands is a good investment for a business or company. The use of outdoor stands is a cheap way of promoting the business. The main objective of the stands is providing information. It is also one of the best ways of communicating with the audience.

Why it is important to invest in outdoor stands

One of the main reasons why a business should invest in an outdoor banner stand is that it increases the product popularity and creates awareness of the brand. The benefit of outdoor stands is that using them is easy and they are cost effective. They can also be found in the market in various sizes. You can choose any size depending on your needs. Size of the banner depends on where the banner is located and usage. If your display banner is well lighted it will allow your banner to be visible during the night. The banners have a weighted base this prevents your banner from being collapsed by the wind.

Why investing in outdoor banner stands is good


Investing in outdoor banner stands is a good investment because it is one of the cheapest, easiest and fastest ways of communicating with customers. It helps to deliver message directly to the targeted audience. The banners broadcast message in an attractive way. They help to increase a lot of customers plus brand identity. If you add colors and text to the stand you will make your banner unique and exclusive. They are considered as the best promotional sales strategy for your business. All businesses require advertising and promotion so that they can be ahead in this competitive world. If you advertise your products using outdoor stands it will serve your purpose effectively and will introduce your products in the right way.

The name of your brand represents your company. If you want to build your brand you have no option but to promote it in front of the audience. If you build your brand name this is going to help you gain trust of customers and will attract new customers to the business. The benefit of outdoor stands is that they give you a chance of introducing your products to new customers and bring back customers who exist. A good outdoor banner stand will make your customers to read your message. The banner stands will serve advertising requirements for your business. They also play an essential role when it comes to promoting an advertisement to large people. The stands are affordable and have been customized to attract customers.

Before investing in an outdoor banner stand it is vital that you do a lot of research so that you know which one is going to fulfill all your needs. Do not choose a banner stand because your business partner is using it. It is not all people who have the same needs when it comes to advertising.